Cetacean Science Connections – new beginnings

As a Ph.D. student, not too long ago, I had a wonderful group of volunteers who helped me collect data on the Port Phillip common dolphins from both land and from a research vessel. Thankfully, many of those valued volunteers are still good friends and continue to be wonderful stewards for the local common dolphins.

Port Phillip is home to common dolphins, a species of bottlenose dolphin, the occasional humpback whale visitor and less frequent southern right whale and killer whale visitors. One of the goals of Cetacean Science Connections (CSC) is to share not only our understanding of these species with the community but, equally importantly, share the science and the scientific methods used to help understand these species.

Cetacean Sisters is one of the main programs of CSC. Cetacean Sisters, and not begrudging our Cetacean Misters of equal honour, aims to engage, educate, and inspire females in science through the scientific methods that we use to study dolphins and whales.

So, watch this science and cetacean space!

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