The Victorian Common Dolphin Project

How common are common dolphins along the Victorian coast?

We know that common dolphins reside in Port Phillip, but are there other areas along the Victorian coast where common dolphins can be regularly sighted? It is difficult to cover a research area the length of the Victorian coast. However, it can be done with the help of citizen scientists and their collection of images taken while onboard commercial tour vessels – to ensure that marine mammal regulations have been adhered to. Post your images on social media using the following links or join the following groups so that local cetacean scientists can access them.

Tall Fin, a Port Phillip resident common dolphin.

Instagram Use the tag #FinIDatsea, which will be monitored by our scientists.  If they see an image they think will be of use, they will contact you directly in the messages. They may ask for further details about the sighting or a higher resolution version of the image.

Facebook Join the private group Common Dolphins Victoria and see and share images of common dolphins taken along the Victorian coast. You can also report your sighting via the button below.

Reporting and sharing your common dolphin sightings and photos helps us gain a greater understanding of this species in Victorian waters.

What information is helpful?

  • Time and date
  • Location/GPS
  • Species, especially if not common dolphins or unknown
  • How many individuals?
    • Adults / sub-adults?
    • Calves?
  • Behaviour?
  • Anything else of interest e.g. birds feeding with them, boats close by
For images taken while onboard commercial tour vessels in Victorian waters