Cetacean Sisters – Schools

Let’s inspire your future female scientists together!

  • Engage in science and STEM workshops designed for Secondary students
  • Led by an experienced female cetacean scientist and teacher
  • Be inspired and deepen your knowledge of cetaceans and how science works

Choose one, two, or all three of the Cetacean Sister workshops that can be held at your school or at your venue.

Science, and how it works

Working together, we create researchable questions – questions are the basis of good science. This session helps students understand how science works and how scientists go about conducting good, evidence-based science.

Humpback whale fluke

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Identifying cetaceans

We discover what to look for to identify different species we may find in our local waters. We also learn how scientists identify individual cetaceans.

Fin ID – STEM challenge

Emerging technologies provide us with a variety of ways to make tedious tasks quicker and simpler. What technology would you use to make processing and identifying individuals quicker and more accurate?