A Science skills session

How do I know what species of cetacean I’ve just spotted?

Port Phillip and the waters beyond are home to a number of different cetacean (whales and dolphin) species. This session shows you how to identify different species and how we can identify some individuals.

Key understandings

It takes some skill to find and then identify cetaceans in our local waters. This session provides indicators while you are in the field to help you find dolphins and whales and then use specific features to potentially identify species.

The important stuff

Audience: From Prep students right through to those who are older but young at heart.

Time: 60 minutes

Delivery: Incursion, online, or excursion (venue and its hire to be arranged)

Cost: Contact us for details

Audience size: A class of 25 to 30 students is a perfect crowd for this session. However as this is more of a lecture-style session, we can cater for more, as long as everyone has a comfortable seat and is within hearing distance of the presenter.

Resources required: A curious mind, a willingness to learn, and no tech for about an hour.

Contact us

We love sharing our science and are always happy to explain more about our science sessions and current cetacean research to those who are interested. If you’d like more information, fill in the form below and we’ll be in contact with you at our earliest convenience. If you’d like us to call you, remember to put your contact number in the message field.