Common dolphins

Common dolphin (Delphinus delphis)

Common dolphin

Identifying features

> Hourglass colouration on flank – the colouration transitions from gold to grey

> Darker dorsal area

> Triangular dorsal fin with a paler centre

Body length

Maximum 2.7 m


> Common dolphins are typically observed offshore, often migrating with prey events

> A small, nursery community resides in Port Phillip

> Common dolphins can be seen in super pods comprising of 1000+ individuals.

> In Port Phillip, groups usually comprise of 10 individuals or less. Some dolphins can have preferred companions

How you can help with common dolphin science?

Report your common dolphin sightings to the Victorian Common Dolphin Project via Facebook. Alternatively, share your dolphin photos, taken on any Victorian permitted whale or dolphins trip, by using the #finIDatsea. We’ll find it on socials, and if it’s a great fin identification image, we’ll contact you, ask for a high res version, and add it to our growing online AI-based catalogue…. your image will be watermarked and credited to you of course.

Can I join a tour to see common dolphins?

Visit Wildlife Coast Cruises if you would like to join a Victorian Government permitted whale and dolphin (and seal) tour around Phillip Island or Wilsons Promontory. Common dolphins are often spotted during these seasonal trips and are a great way for you to see dolphins, whales and other marine mammals for yourself.