A community connection opportunity

What cetaceans can be seen along our local coast and how can I see them safely?

People are often surprised to hear that not only do we have dolphins along our coast, we have two species that may reside in our local waters. We also have whales that migrate through our waters at certain times of the year.

This community presentation is an opportunity to connect with local eco-tourism operators to see local cetaceans for yourself as well as share local citizen science opportunities to be more informed about sightings.

Key Understandings

Our local Victorian waters are a habitat for resident and migrating cetaceans. This presentation details the cetacean species you could possibly spot along the Victorian coast and what to look for to identify each species.

The important stuff

Audience: Anyone with an interest in our local whales and dolphins.

Time: approximately 60 minutes

Cost: Contact us for details

Audience size: A minimum of at least 20 people works well for this session. However, as this is more of an interactive lecture-style session, we can cater for more, as long as everyone has a comfortable seat and is within hearing distance of the presenter.

Contact us

We love sharing our science and are always happy to explain more about our science sessions and current cetacean research to those who are interested. If you’d like more information, fill in the form below and we’ll be in contact with you at our earliest convenience. If you’d like us to call you, remember to put your contact number in the message field.