Cetacean Science Connections is a social enterprise

Our goal is to connect people and communities to cetaceans – whales and dolphins – and their marine environment through science.

When you think of science and a scientist, what image first springs to mind?

> A male, lab-coat wearing Einstein-type character?

> A laboratory full of colourful chemicals bubbling away over Bunsen burners?

But science is so much more. And scientists are not always male and they don’t always wear lab coats!

Science is about being curious

Science is about answering questions and using a robust methodology to do this

Cetacean Science Connections
  • Learn how cetacean scientists conduct science
  • Find out about the Port Phillip common dolphins and how you can help collect data on common dolphins in other locations
  • Participate in cetacean species identification workshops and learn where to contribute your sightings
  • Become, or encourage someone who is a budding scientist, to become a Cetacean SisterTM