Cetacean Science Connections is a social enterprise.

Our goal is to connect people and communities to cetaceans – whales and dolphins – and their environment through science.


When you think of science and a scientist, what image first springs to mind?

  • A male, lab-coat wearing
    Einstein type character?
  • A laboratory full of colourful,
    bubbling chemicals and Bunsen burners?

But science is so much more. And scientists are not always male and don’t always wear lab coats.

Science is about being curious

Science is about asking questions and understanding the world around us

Surfacing resident Port Phillip common dolphin. Image taken under a DELWP permit
Surfacing resident Port Phillip common dolphin.

Surfacing bottlenose dolphin. Image taken under permit.
Surfacing bottlenose dolphin.

Cetaceans, science and you

How can you connect to science through cetaceans?

Become a cetacean steward

  • Learn more about the local common dolphins
  • Contribute your cetacean sightings to our database
  • Train to be a citizen scientist and contribute specific sightings data
  • Participate in our workshops

Become or support
a Cetacean Sister.

  • Join, or encourage someone who is a budding scientist, one of our Cetacean Sister workshops on land or at sea
  • Support a cetacean sister who is working hard in their field to make a difference in cetacean science or conservation